About Us

Chinese Moto and Business Objective:

“Gather the Spirit of Heaven and Earth then Disperse the Fragrance, Health and Flavor into the World”

Duane Petersen, CEO

Duane Petersen has been an entrepreneur for many years, managing mission critical projects for several Fortune 500 firms and, recently, teaching government leaders in China regarding “How to Make Strategic Planning Actually Work”. From his travels throughout China, he became further and further enamored of this amazing country. He listened to great stories and asked many questions. He began writing stories of China for a global television series “Travel Latte” planned for 5 years production through Reemvision.

Never leaving his entrepreneurial spirit, Duane decided to sell the highest quality products created in China. First on his list was tea. Having hated tea his entire life, he decided to try drinking Chinese tea and discovered a great love for this tea. He studied tea for four months in China directly from a 3rd Level Tea Art Specialist; a designation given only to those considered tea experts. It was apparent that the reason he hated American tea is that it has nowhere near the quality of Chinese tea! Early cut tea in China is always the freshest and most delicious. The remaining shriveled, dry, otherwise worthless leaves at the end of the year are harvested, ground, and put in small bags and sold to the rest of the world. The quality left long ago. Duane decided to bring these delicious teas to America and the world.

To maintain this quality, we must we must do several things:

  • Continue to travel through China – and taste teas
  • Inspect everything. This is because of some basic problems:
    • We’ve found pressed tea that has wonderful leaves on the outside. On the inside are old, miserable leaves, sticks and, yes, even dirt. We sell only leaves – so quality can be verified.
    • Limited honesty at times. At a tea show in Chengdu, a vendor bragged how his Pu’erh was only from 500-year-old trees and fermented for 20 years. If that were true, the tea would have been amazing. Instead, it was terrible and weak. This demonstrates either an honesty issue or serious misinformation.
    • Rounding up. We’ve bought 1 KG of tea only to discover the true weight was .91 KG.
  • For the reasons stated above, we inspect, measure and repackage all our teas.

Bob Rose, COO

Bob is a greatly experienced Product Manager bringing product and business ideas to fruition. Duane met Bob while promoting a completely different product. As mutual respect grew, Duane decided bringing Bob on board and making him part of the company would be key to making Sino-cha successful. Bob is the man who brings realism and great ideas to every situation. Bob will oversee management issues regarding bringing the products to market and building the business.

Helena Petersen, Vendor Relations Director

Helena coordinates all activities and issues between Sino-cha and vendors. As a Chinese citizen her cultural understanding with vendors and obvious language expertise is superb. As a business owner and manager, she brings much business experience to our firm. Her utilization of personal and family contacts to meet the right people and vendors is invaluable.